5 Hacks to make pre-lit Christmas trees look real

Having a real tree is good; maintaining it is where the war begins. Are you tired of having tree needles everywhere? Or, fighting the sticky tree sap off your hands? Then you should go for a pre-lit Christmas tree this year!

For those who are very accustomed to the traditional live trees, having a fake tree can be quite challenging. But it doesn’t have to be so. We have come up with 5 hacks that can make your pre-lit Christmas tree look just like a real Christmas tree.

1. Buy a full tree

The pre-lit Christmas tree market is filled with a wide variety of trees with different sizes and shapes. Some trees are made with quality near-reality material,while some aren’t. To make your fake tree look real, you must purchase a quality full tree.

2.Fluff it till it puffs

Artificial trees are often delivered in boxes containing 3 different tree sections. To achieve a very natural look, you should spend a quality amount of time to fluff the tree. Spread its branches evenly and ensure that there are no spaces between the branches. This would give it a very authentic look.

3. Go heavy!

To cover up your fake tree, you should consider going heavy with your decorations. Add some baubles, garlands, ornaments, and ribbons. You can add more light if you desire.

4. Always use a tree skirt

The easiest way for people to know that your tree is fake is if you keep that plastic stand exposed. You can cover it up with a festive tree skirt, or a tree basket if you like.

5. Add some life to it…

Make your fake tree come alive by bolstering it up with some real green decorations. Adjoin a green sprig to the branches of your pre-lit tree. Adding some flowers would also do some good.

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