Decorating with Mistletoe

One of the common decor aspects seen in all Christmas decor is Mistletoe. However, where did the tradition come of those who are under the Mistletoe having to be kissed by whoever is under the plant with them? Mistletoe has an amazing history and can be a great way to bring more Christmas cheer to your home!

The Background on Mistletoe

Mistletoe has been around for thousands of years. Supposedly in Greek mythology, mistletoe was the plant of Frigga, a goddess, and mother to Balder. Balder was the God of Summer Sun and without him, all life on Earth would end. Loki, was the only evil God that was against Balder, and used mistletoe on the end of an arrow and shot Balder with this. Balder died but was brought back by his mother, Frigga and the help of mistletoe. It was stated that the white seen on Mistletoe is due to the tears that Frigga cried in order to save her son. From then on out, Balder would kiss those who were under the mistletoe as a sign of life and happiness. 

Fast forward to several hundreds of years and warring Druid clans looked at Mistletoe as a sign of peace. When mistletoe was spotted on a tree, all fighting would stop, as it was said to be a peaceful plant that brought healing powers to all those around it. These healing powers ranged from infertility to ingesting of poison. It was also used during wedding ceremonies, thanks to the healing properties that it was supposed to have. 

Tips for Decorating Today

Whether you like the rich history that mistletoe has or you simply want an excuse for people to kiss when they are under it, there are several people who use this in their decor.  Here are a few ideas for using this:

  1. Consider having mistletoe on your tree as it can add some Christmas elements to your tree. 
  2. Have this handing on wreaths on the front door.
  3. Attach this to doorways so that those who walk through have to get a fun and light kiss. 
  4. For more of a game, attach this in places that people wouldn’t expect. For example, on a ceiling fan blade.
  5. You can even place this inside your car to bring Christmas to your drive home from work!

Mistletoe has a rich history and those who want to be traditional are going to find that they must have this in their homes somewhere!

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