Different types of flocked trees

A flocked tree is a great option for those who are shopping for a Christmas tree for their home. They are going to find that flocked trees are becoming all the rage. After all, who doesn’t want to make their home feel like a winter wonderland during this time of the year, even those who may not see snow at their home, this is a Christmas tree that can give your home that traditional Christmas feel! 

What is the Difference?

What is the difference between the King and Queen flocked tree? The King Flock is the first of the line and for this reason, it is considered the top of the line. You will find that the tips include both real and PVC tips that are going to give it an even more realistic look. The tree does come pre-lite for those who are interested, and each branch is going to have heavy flocking to look as realistic as possible. 

On the other hand, the Queen flocked tree is mostly PVC tips, as it is a step below the King tree. It may be a bit smaller when it comes to the circumference but can still be found in the same heights and with the option to have a pre-lite option. It is the Queen to the King, still beautiful in its own right, just not at the top of the family.

Both are super easy to set up and will only take a bit to get this tree fully put together and the branches separated and spaced, ready for ornaments to be placed on these. In terms of setting these up, they are equally easy.  And you will also find that even those these are both artificial trees, they are going to be as lifelike as you can get without having to go out and buy a real tree. Remember, that real trees often result in allergies for many people, which is why artificial trees are often the best option for everyone.

Which Should You Choose? 

Which tree is the perfect option for your home? This depends on what you want in a tree and what type of feel that you are wanting your home to have! This is when you seriously need to consider the location for your tree and just how much room you must work with. Remember, a tree that is shoved into a corner and crowded is not going to look as good as one that has the room it needs to be decorated and fully stand out. Be sure to measure the space and then go from there! With either option, you will be happy with the end result. 

Decorating for Christmas is something that takes time and thought. And a big part of this is finding the tree that is best for your home! The better the tree fits into your home, the more fun you are going to have decorated, and you are going to find that it will give you those magazines approved looks that everyone wants in their home!

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