Give Experience Gifts This Christmas

We are slowly moving away from being a materialistic society to one that is choosing experiences over material things. Imagine the memories you will create with your family or friends when you decide to give an experience gift this Christmas. This will help you give them stories, not stuff. Psychology studies have even proven that experiences engage the “reward” part of our brain more than material things do. Besides, who doesn’t want to have wonderful stories to tell?

The fun part is, there are ENDLESS ways to give experience gifts, so you are never out of options? But how to choose? Well, check out this list we have researched and compiled for you. 

Gifts for Children

  • Escape room
  • Museum 
  • Movie tickets
  • Science center
  • Nature center
  • Game or season tickets for favorite sports team
  • Theater tickets
  • A tent and reserved camping spot 
  • Pottery classes
  • Trampoline center membership
  • Rock climbing gym membership
  • Horseback riding lessons
  • Archery lessons

You can also buy them a musical instrument if they are interested in learning how to play one. Though this is a material possession, it is also an experience over several years. Other materials that can be turned into experiences together include puzzles, arts and crafts, gardening kits, and treasure hunts. 

Gifts for Teens

  • Restaurant gift certificates
  • Mall gift certificates
  • Movie tickets
  • Gas gift cards
  • Zipline tickets
  • Concert tickets
  • Paintball experience
  • Art classes
  • Photography classes
  • Sports lessons or events

Gifts for Her

· Food tours

Artificial Christmas Tree

· Wine tasting

· Sailing adventures

· Flying lessons

· Pottery classes

· In-home cooking lessons

· Hot air balloon rides

· Dinner cruise

· Scuba lessons

· Astrology reading

· Deep tissue massage or spa day 

· Gift certificate for brunch restaurant

Gifts for Him

· Beer tasting or brewery tour

· Sports events

· Gun range experience

· Race car driving lessons or experience

· Jet ski experience

· Whiskey tasting 

· Fine dining restaurant experience

· Golf lessons 

· Pilot for a day experiences

· Steakhouse gift certificates 

Gifts for Grandparents

· Theater tickets

· Ancestry DNA kit

· Family photo session

· Flights/other transportation so they can visit family

· National/State Parks pass 

 There you have it—the best gift experiences for anyone any in your family. Don’t let this list limit you! It is meant to spark creativity in finding the perfect experience for your family. Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed our article about how to give experience gifts this Christmas. For more great articles, please visit here.