How to Clean Glass Ornaments

Do you necessarily need to know how to clean glass ornaments? After all, they are on the tree for a month or so, then put into a box to await the rest of the year before they are used again. Many people don’t really think about how dirty these can actually get. But, yes, they do need cleaning from time to time. However, there is more to it than just simply taking a wet rage and wiping these down. Depending upon what type of glass ornament you are dealing with, this is going to determine just how this needs to be cleaned, as not every glass ornament is the same and may require special care. 

A Simple Glass Ornament

A simple glass ornament that does not have any paint, glitter or the like is going to be the easiest for you to clean. You can take a soft cloth, spray this with a glass cleaner, and then run it across the glass. However, if this simply glass ornament is made from porcelain or crystal, you are going to want to avoid using the glass cleaner and opt to dust this lightly with a feather duster. 

Painted Glass Ornaments

Painted glass ornaments are going to need to be taken care of as they can easily chip. You will want to use a soft feather duster to get this clean. However, be careful if you see flaking of the paint. If you do, don’t even bother with trying to use a feather duster. Just leave it as it is, or you could cause more damage. 

Glitter and Glass Ornaments

Many glass ornaments also include a coating of glitter as people enjoy the sparkle and shine that this gives. A glitter ornament is going to need to be lightly dusted. If you try to rub on this ornament you will cause the glitter to fall off and to disrupt the beauty of the ornament as a whole. 

A good rule of thumb to remember about handling and cleaning any glass ornament is that you are going to want to avoid touching these a lot with your hands. The oil in your hands can make the dirt/debris stick to the ornament even worse and require more cleaning. While a light dusting from time to time is fine, you will want to avoid the deeper cleanings as this can make the ornament start to fade with time. 

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