Is an Artificial Christmas Tree a Green Option?

For those who are wanting to be as green as possible when it comes to what they do in their homes, they often wonder about their Christmas tree. It is not exactly ‘green’ and environmentally friendly to go out and cut down a tree to use for one month during the holidays. And those who are dedicating themselves to living greener often are against those tree farms that grow trees simply to cut them down for the holidays. So, what other option do you have? An artificial Christmas tree!

While artificial Christmas trees are made from plastic, they are a much greener option than if you were to use a real tree. For starters, this artificial Christmas tree can be used time and time again. Meaning that you are reusing, which is a huge part of being green. In fact, a study was done about whether artificial Christmas trees or real trees were the way to go for those who are looking to be environmentally friendly. The study concluded that for those who use an artificial Christmas tree for at least nine years, were more environmentally friendly than those who had a live tree each year for these nine years. 

Many people who are wanting to live a green life often frown that these artificial Christmas trees are made from plastic. However, this is a product from plastic that you are going to use for years on end. For those who want to decrease the amount of live trees that are being cut down, then this is the route to go. Plus, many people keep their artificial trees for ten or more years. Imagine how many trees that could be saved if everyone would opt to go with the more green option of an artificial Christmas tree?! 

For those who decide to make this green option, remember in order to get the full use out of this, you need to treat this artificial Christmas tree with care. You will want to store it in a cool, dry place, along with using a storage bag to ensure that this remains safe year after year. Also, be sure that you learn how to clean this, which is really just dusting this from time to time. In the end, if you take care of this artificial Christmas tree, you will find that it will be a constant for years to come.

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